Friday, March 25, 2011

My sweetie is 8 years old today!!!

My niece, Neira, turned eight today. I wish I could be with her on this and every other birthday, but I know that's not possible. She lives in Mostar, together with my sister and her husband. I miss them all the time, but especially today.
Every time her birthday rolls around I start thinking of all the things I've missed.
I wasn't there when she was born, when she started crawling, talking, walking... And I know that my sister won't be here to see Noah do all that.
It's sad.
But life is that way, you just have to "keep swimming."
I asked what she wants for her birthday and she said she wants to see Noah before he gets big.
How sweet is that????
Noah is too small to travel this year, but we are planning to go visit them next year.
On another note, I had my tooth extracted today. I just came back from my awesome dentist/friend Lara.
She did a good job. The only thing is that tooth extractions suck and mine is no exception. I hate the feeling of blood in my mouth, but it doesn't hurt.
Noah is sleeping right now.
We are at my parents house and he loves playing with grandpa. He is such a cute little boy.
I'll post his picture a little bit later.

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  1. Happy birthday to your Niece. Wish you could be there with her to celebrate.